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Swedish CHP plant trialing 3D-printed burners to test biogas and other fossil free fuels

In Sweden, a test turbine has been installed at Rya CHP Plant for the validation of 3D-printed burners which in the extension phase makes it possible to test different fossil-free fuels in the plant.

“The gas turbine technology we have developed at Siemens can be used both as a base power and a balancing power depending on the needs,” says Hans Holmström, CEO of Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB. “In addition, we can already burn high amounts of fossil-free fuels such as biogas and hydrogen in our gas turbines, with the goal of running 100 per cent fossil free in the near future. In our collaboration with Göteborg Energi and Rya CHP plant we see the possibility to verify several different green fuels on a larger scale, first in Sweden and then in other parts of the world. We hope with this to demonstrate the possibilities for sustainable and cost-effective fuels.”

As a first step, a test turbine for validating 3D-printed burners is installed in the plant. 3D-printing, or additive manufacturing as it is also called, opens for use of new materials and designs of burners.

The test will last a season, until April 2020. If the test turns out well, there is the possibility to try new types of burners and fuels.

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