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Azelio to provide 120MWe of energy storage to Biodico’s mobile biofuels project

In Sweden, Azelio has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Biodico for a modular biofuel project in Atascadero, California. The MoU frameworks a collaboration over a capacity of about 120 MWe of Azelio’s energy storage technology in the US market until 2024. This capacity is distributed along the following timeline: 13 kWe in 2021 (Atascadero project), 15 MWe in 2022, 35 MWe in 2023 and 70 MWe in 2024. Fully installed, the capacity corresponds to approximately 9,000 units of Azelio’s system. 

The initial project is expected to become operational in 2021, as a commercial demonstration and showcase for Biodico’s modular renewable bio-fuel production system in the town of Atascadero, California. Azelio’s system will supply Biodico’s biofuel production system with electricity on demand. The energy system will include solar PV, wind and the Azelio storage destined to supply base-load energy to the process around the clock. Azelio’s unit will operate under real-world conditions, serving as a commercial model for Azelio’s future projects in California.

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