22. November 2019 ecokontor

Greenfield Global is teaming with Hy2gen Canada in a green hydrogen JV

In Canada, Greenfield Global Inc., Canada’s largest ethanol producer, and Hy2gen Canada, the first mover for commercial production and distribution of green hydrogen, announced their intention to create a joint venture that will develop and operate a facility in Varennes (Québec) for industrial-scale production of green hydrogen and other zero-carbon energy products. The companies are completing conditions and terms with Greenfield Global and H2yGen each owning 50 percent, and its governance will be composed of representatives from both companies.

The joint venture will build a facility in Varennes, Québec, adjacent to Greenfield’s existing biorefinery. The new facility will use the latest electrolysis technologies powered by hydroelectricity. The final products of the joint venture (green hydrogen, biomethane, and biomethanol) will reach the standard of zero carbon footprint and zero greenhouse gas (GHG) by using the green carbon dioxide from Greenfield’s biorefinery. The joint venture facility will be built at 29 MW and expanded to meet demand with a possible scale-up to 80 MW in 2024.

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