3. January 2021 ecokontor

Landfill’s methane gas to offset up to 75% of VIA’s bus fuel demand

In Texas, San Antonio Report reports that there will be enough methane from decaying waste in a private San Antonio landfill harvested via a CPS Energy, VIA and EDL initiative to offset the need for fossil fuel use by most of VIA Metropolitan Transit’s bus fleet.

“CPS Energy, VIA, and energy company EDL are working on an initiative that will provide CPS Energy with natural gas from a local landfill and that gas will be part of a renewable fuel credit swap that will generate revenue for VIA while putting a former waste product to use,” according to San Antonio Report. “The landfill methane will make up only 1 percent to 2 percent of the entire supply in CPS Energy’s distribution system, said Richard Lujan, CPS Energy’s senior director of gas delivery. Still, CPS Energy expects it will receive enough of the landfill methane to offset the fossil fuel-derived natural gas needed for an estimated 75 percent of VIA’s fleet of 502 buses, Lujan said.”