15. January 2021 Meghan Sapp

Selwood first to offer rental pumps fueled by HVO

In the UK, Selwood has become the first UK rental company to offer pumps that can be fueled by vegetable oil in an industry-leading move that will significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The company has completed extensive testing of HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) in its fleet of market-leading pumps.

All Selwood pumps which have a Stage 3B engine – including the Eco range of units – S160Eco, D150Eco and HP35Eco – can now be run on the HVO fuel as an alternative to diesel.

Selwood has also committed to ensuring that new pumps manufactured at its headquarters in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, for use in the UK and around the world, are HVO-compatible, subject to individual engine manufacturers’ guidelines.