5. August 2021 Meghan Sapp

LG Chem mass produces and exports world’s first bio-balanced Super Absorbent Polymer

In South Korea, LG Chem announced it mass-produced the worlds first Bio-balanced SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) that received ISCC Plus international certification and shipped its first exports.

Bio-balanced SAP refers to SAP attributed to renewable raw materials such as waste and residue oils and fats it is a product that received ISCC Plus certification from ISCC, which is one of the most reputable certification authorities in the world for renewable products. 

Furthermore, it is the first case that applied the eco-friendly integrated brand ‘LETZero that LG Chem recently launched.

This product, which was shipped from the Yeosu Plant, will be delivered to Baby Life, a client of LG Chem located in Jordan, and be used for making diapers, etc.

The first export of the Bio-balanced SAP was made possible as the interests between LG Chem, which is focusing on carbon-neutral and resource circulation activities as part of its sustainability strategy, and the client, which intends to expand application of eco-friendly materials in hygienic products such as diapers, fit each other.