5. August 2021 Meghan Sapp

Epichem completes building of Oxidative Hydrothermal Dissolution Flow Reactor

In Australia, Epichem Pty Ltd, through its subsidiary Epichem OHD Pty Ltd, has completed building its benchtop Oxidative Hydrothermal Dissolution (OHD) Flow Reactor to research, develop and promote a novel, innovative and disruptive waste to fuels technology. The flow reactor is located at Epichem’s purpose-built state of the art laboratory at Technology Park in Bentley, Western Australia. Epichem OHD will advance the innovative OHD technology using biomass/feedstock flow reactor material science. The OHD technology is a world-first with its potential to turn a wide range of waste and biomass feedstock into valuable fuels, fine chemicals, fertilizers, agricultural growth stimulants and ethanol.