17. October 2021 ecokontor

Topsoe puts demonstration plant into operation for production of Methanol from biogas

In Denmark, Haldor Topsoe put a demonstration plant into operation for the production of sustainable Methanol from biogas. The plant will have an annual capacity of 10,0000l of CO2-neutral methanol from biogas and green power and is scheduled to be fully operational by the beginning of 2022.

Methanol can be used for marine fuel, blend in gasoline, and for the chemical industry, where methanol is mainly used today. Further, the main feature in the demonstration plant is Topsoe’s eSMR technology, which enables not only the production of sustainable Methanol, but also other sustainable products like green hydrogen, green ammonia, eFuels, and more.

The demonstration program is part of Topsoe’s ambition to reduce the global carbon footprint and one of many initiatives to develop solutions for sustainable aviation, shipping and heavy transportation in general. With the demonstration plant, Topsoe will validate its electrified technology for cost-competitive production of sustainable Methanol from biogas as well as other sustainable products.

Haldor Topsoe is leading the project. The partners constitute Aarhus University – Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering, Sintex A/S, Blue World Technology ApS, Technical University of Denmark, Energinet A/S, Aalborg University, and PlanEnergi.

The demonstration plant is located at Aarhus University’s research facility in Foulum, Denmark.