28. October 2021 Meghan Sapp

OTC Global Holdings launches specialized ethanol desk

In the UK, OTC Global Holdings (OTCGH) continues to strengthen its leadership position in Europe with the launch of a specialized ethanol desk as part of their Ion Energy UK group. The addition of ethanol experts Mickey Walker and Janine Adamo consolidates OTC Europe as a renewable energy powerhouse. 

The announcement comes as the ethanol market in Europe continues to steadily grow driven by ethanol blending mandates throughout the block. “Following the price volatility of the past 18 months, tight supply in the region and higher biofuels blending mandates, these factors are sure to help European ethanol values,” said Joe Kelly, President and Co-CEO of OTC Global Holdings. “This is the right time to ramp up our efforts on the ethanol front and with Mickey and Janine joining our Ion UK Group, we continue to consolidate as the European leaders in biofuels and renewable energy.”