6. November 2021 ecokontor

Climate Done Different: A New Model for Physical Community

Just 30 minutes from Manhattan, a former power plant is becoming ground zero for cutting-edge work on climate change. A decommissioned, coal-fired facility that once electrified Grand Central Station is being reawakened as a global home for climate solutions. Built in 1907, the historic site has stood silent beside the Hudson River for over 70 years, a towering reminder of industrial emissions past. In this video piece produced exclusively for VERGE 21, The Plant’s co-founder and president Tenzin Seldon and her team describe how they’re redeeming this memorial to a previous age to model a sustainable, collaborative future. This session was held at GreenBiz Group’s VERGE 21, October 25-28, 2021. Learn more about the event here: https://events.greenbiz.com/events/verge-conference/online-event/2021