18. November 2021 Meghan Sapp

Bolivia exploring both biodiesel and renewable diesel production

In Bolivia, the ABI news agency reports the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energies (MHE) plans to implement the Diesel Oil Import Substitution Program through Biodiesel (FAME) and Renewable Diesel (HVO) projects for which it is currently developing pre-engineering studies to determine the technical feasibility, economic, legal and environmental of both proposals. Used cooking oils and animal fats are also considered for said production.

Additionally, the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy has been working on the Multiministerial Resolution for the creation of the Biofuels Committee, of which the Ministry of Rural Development and Lands, of Productive Development and Plural Economy and the Ministry of the Environment will form part.

This committee will standardize and regulate the use and development of the raw material for biofuels, and in the specific case of the production of renewable diesel, once the pre-engineering studies and availability of raw material are in place, it will have its own regulations that consider, among other aspects, the biodiversity of the forests, taking into account the flora and fauna as a national priority and the urgent need to have raw material without this representing an expansion of the agricultural frontier.

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