26. December 2021 ecokontor

Neste donates $1.1M to universities in Finland

In Finland, Neste will donate a total of EUR 1 million (about $1.1 million) to universities in Finland to support the research and education in the chemical industry and to further strengthen the collaboration between the industry and the scientific community. The donation will be targeted to Aalto University and Åbo Akademi University, with whom Neste has established long-term strategic cooperation. In addition to the extent of collaboration (number of strategic projects and magnitude), the share of graduates from these universities of all Neste recruits in the field of innovation was considered as criteria for selecting the donation recipients.

The donations are targeted to the field of Technology at Aalto University and to the field of Engineering at Åbo Akademi University. The collaboration with Aalto University and Åbo Akademi University supports strengthening sustainability-driven growth areas that are also central to Neste’s strategy, such as renewable products, low-carbon solutions and circular economy.

The impact of Neste’s donation will be further amplified by the Finnish state’s campaign for matched funding for universities 2020-2022.

Neste has a long history of supporting and collaborating with the education sector on various levels. Neste annually offers summer internships for approximately 350 young people in Finland. In addition, the company is engaged in cooperation with universities and higher education institutions in a variety of research projects, and offers degree thesis opportunities for students.