2. January 2022 ecokontor

Biofuel startup Koko Networks launches consumer goods business

In Kenya, Tech Crunch reports that Koko Networks, a biofuel tech company, is expanding business to sell products directly to consumers through the small shops that current serve as the company’s agents for its bioethanol cooking fuel and stoves. With 35 SKUs, Koko Club is keeping its prices competitive by shortening the supply chains from manufacturer to consumers.

The Koko Club idea was conceived mid 2020 but it wasn’t until the beginning of this year that the startup moved forward with its launch, riding on the success of its bioethanol fuel business, which was unveiled in 2019 as a cleaner, cheaper and safer alternative to charcoal and fuelwood.

Currently, there are over 300,000 households using Koko’s bioethanol fuel and stove (made in Koko’s plant in India), up from about 100,000 in March this year. These households are served by the more than 1,000 agents, who will now double up as Koko Club agents.