13. January 2022 Meghan Sapp

Murex to transload renewable diesel to rail it to the California market

In Texas, Murex LLC, a low carbon fuels marketing and logistics company, announced that it has secured transloading contracts through its affiliate, Gulf Gateway Terminal LLC, with two separate fuel distributor customers that rail renewable product into the California market.

Murex owns and operates GGT in the Port of New Orleans, which has both barge and unit train access. GGT has connectivity to 6 Class 1 railroads in North America, including the UP, BNSF, CSX, CN, KCS/KSCM, and NS. Once the KCS/CP merger is complete, GGT will have connectivity to all Class 1 railroads in North America. GGT has recently started a Renewable Diesel barge-to-rail transloading service in addition to conventional diesel service and has optionality to add additional products. GGT’s unsurpassed rail connectivity enables our customers to reach markets beyond California as well, with access to Canada, Mexico, and all contiguous 48 states as well as Alaska.

In addition to offering logistics solutions to its customers, Murex also markets products from 12 biofuels plants domestically, and is exploring relationships with several others in the growing renewable fuels space.