27. January 2022 Meghan Sapp

Omni Oz Fund launches seeking $50M investment for methanol-ethanol plant

In California, OMNI OZ FUND, LLC is seeking accredited investors for its GreenMix Fuel Methanol-Ethanol Blend Processing Plant. The Fund is raising a Series A Round of $50 million.

The OMNI OZ FUND, LLC was created to raise the necessary capital of $300 million to produce an energy industry first, GreenMix Fuel (methanol/ethanol blend) Processing Plant. The finished clean fuel is sold to refineries, distributors, and other operators to blend with unleaded gasoline brands for cleaner-burning fuel for automobiles while providing a significantly lower carbon emission and better performing cleaner fuel for California, the Southwest U.S., and export markets.

The OMNI OZ FUND will invest in the development, ownership, operations, and production of a 1,500,000 Metric Tons per Annum, GreenMix Clean Fuel Processing Plant. The plant sales of its products produce a return of capital and investment income through distribution to its investors from cash flows while providing the benefits of a
Qualified Zone Fund (QOZF).

The Solution: GreenMix Fuel Methanol-Ethanol Blend Processing Plant.

GreenMix Fuel can reduce output up to 45% of carbon and eliminate up to 80% of other toxic chemicals emitted from the gasoline of an automobile engine. GreenMix Fuel is the only fuel product that inhibits methanol and ethanol to absorb water, therefore prevents the corrosion of metal and hardening of plastics in motor engines.