28. April 2022 Meghan Sapp

EconCore teams with Flaxco to integrate flax fiber with thermoplastic technology

In Belgium, EconCore, world leader in technologies for economic honeycomb sandwich production, has collaborated with partner Flaxco, to develop and manufacture an innovative new thermoplastic honeycomb sandwich panel.

Flaxco established themselves in the early 1850’s and have 150 years of experience in flax weaving, used in a range of applications including clothing, upholstery and decoration. This has evolved into manufacturing flax fibers for the composites industry, typically found in semi-finished products such as sandwich panels.

In 2020 Flaxco approached EconCore suggesting combination of thermoplastic honeycomb technology with Flaxco’s flax fiber technology. The polypropylene honeycomb material produced by EconCore offers a high-performance-to-weight ratio along with efficient energy absorption.

This is achieved through the materials synonymous honeycomb shaped hollow cells which support sandwich sheets to provide levels of high rigidity with minimal weight. Pioneering the use of flax with honeycomb technology, the partnership sees Flaxco’s flax fabric composite skins combined with EconCore polypropylene core to produce sandwich panels.