5. June 2022 ecokontor

Port of Rotterdam switches to biofuels, accelerates its own carbon emissions reductions

In the Netherlands, the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s own carbon emissions should be 75% lower in 2025 and 90% lower in 2030 than in 2019. To this end, the Port Authority will ensure that all its vessels will switch completely to biofuel in the short term, and it has the ambition that from 2025 new vessels will be emission-free.

Today, most of the CO2 of the Port Authority is emitted by the (patrol) vessels. CO2 is also emitted by the use of cars and buildings. It concerns 4,000 tonnes per year in total.

“We are going to reduce our own carbon emissions as quickly as possible, while compensating in full what we still emit. So from that perspective, the Port Authority is already carbon neutral as we speak. Because our emissions will be lower and lower in the next few years, the compensation required will also decrease more and more,” says Allard Castelein, CEO Port of Rotterdam Authority.