19. June 2022 ecokontor

Topsoe Tech to reduce customers’ GHG emissions by 12M tons in 2022

In Denmark, Topsoe’s technologies are set to reduce its customers’ greenhouse gas emissions by 12 million tons in 2022 alone. The reductions will primarily come from Topsoe’s renewable fuels business, especially renewable diesel made from waste and biomass feedstock.

2022 GHG reduction target reflects the company’s ambition to take the lead on decarbonization and its commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goal no 13 on Climate Action. The 12 million tonnes target is equivalent to removing c. 8% of the emissions from the EU’s entire aviation industry.

The key driver of Topsoe’s renewables fuels business is its patented HydroFlex™ technology, which can produce renewable gasoline, jet fuel and diesel from almost any feedstock, including waste-fractions, tall oil, used cooking oil, animal fats, and vegetable oils.