17. June 2022 ecokontor

Petrobras and Raízen sign agreement for biomethane production feasibility

In Brazil, Petrobras and Raízen signed an agreement to jointly evaluate potential businesses involving the production, purchase and sale of biomethane, a 100% renewable fuel produced by Raízen from sugarcane waste (vinasse and filter cake), generated in the agro-industrial operations of the company’s Energy Bioparks.

The partnership also foresees studies for the development of logistics solutions for the delivery of biomethane, to enable its use in Petrobras’ refining operations. With characteristics similar to natural gas, the product is part of a new generation of sustainable fuels (such as R5 diesel, with renewable content, and Bio Jet Fuel), in line with Petrobras’ decarbonization strategy and the development of new business opportunities with lower carbon intensity.