17. June 2022 ecokontor

MSC encouraging biofuels for shippers

In Switzerland, MSC has been using blended biofuels to propel its ships and is promoting its MSC Biofuel Solution, their first carbon insetting program, to help their customers meet CO2 emission reduction goals.

Available at selected world ports, MSC Biofuel Solution offers customers the opportunity to join forces with MSC to decarbonise their supply chains and achieve their climate targets.

This solution is MSC’s first carbon insetting programme, through which they use biofuel to reduce the carbon footprint of customers’ supply chains as well as across their own operations, while accelerating the global energy transition and the industry’s decarbonisation.

Specifically, MSC procures and bunkers low-carbon certified sustainable biofuel, derived from sources such as used cooking oil (Used Cooking Oil Methyl Ester or UCOME). This responsibly sourced, second-generation biofuel comes as a blend with conventional marine oil and its biocomponent can reduce CO2 emissions by 90%.