20. January 2024 ecokontor

Repsol to exceed 600 service stations with renewable fuel in 2024

In Spain, Repsol said it will exceed 600 service stations supplying 100% renewable fuel by the end of 2024. 

Repsol currently supplies 100% renewable fuel at more than 60 service stations in the main cities and transport corridors of the Iberian Peninsula. With 46 stations in Spain and 15 in Portugal, the energy company has exceeded the target it set itself last May when it started supplying at the first three service stations in Madrid, Barcelona, and Lisbon, making it the first Spanish company to offer 100% renewable fuel to its customers.

In addition, Repsol is launching a new pilot project in three service stations in the city of Madrid to supply 100% renewable gasoline, with which it intends to expand its range of renewable products. The three service stations (Hipódromo, Arturo Soria, and Herrera Oria) are the first in Spain to supply both renewable gasoline and diesel.

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