20. January 2024 ecokontor

LeadEdge Flexo launches new biobased offering

In the UK, LeadEdge Flexo, a provider of corrugated post-printing solutions, announced the launch of its brand-new cbak evolve mounting material.

The new product utilizes bio-based Polyethylene (PE) in its construction and aims to reduce the industry’s reliance on synthetic virgin material at this crucial point in corrugated printing, without sacrificing performance or versatility, the firm said.

The company noted that the new material retains the quality and on-press benefits traditionally associated with cbak, but a significant proportion of its construction is biomaterial-based, certified by a third party with C14 certification.

Michael Owen, Managing Director at LeadEdge Flexo, said: “Displacing fossil-based ingredients with renewable plant-based resources is a positive, logical step and the material should be supported and celebrated by printers and brands alike. As an industry we need to continue the evolution to circular resources and cbak evolve is the first step of our journey here at LeadEdge.”

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