20. January 2024 ecokontor

M2X and SCGC partner to streamline production of methanol from stranded gas

In Florida, M2X Energy, a startup company with process technology that converts stranded natural gas into low-carbon methanol, and SCG Chemicals (SCGC), a petrochemicals company that is committed to developing sustainable chemicals and clean energy solutions, have strengthened their existing relationship by announcing a joint development program to optimize key chemical transformations within M2X’s modular process. 

By leveraging the extensive catalyst R&D and manufacturing expertise of SCGC and the deep process design and engineering knowledge from M2X Energy, this collaboration aims to streamline the catalytic steps to form methanol from syngas intermediates. The partnership seeks to identify novel catalyst formulations that can increase catalyst activity, lower byproduct formation, and improve catalyst lifetime.

If successful, the use of tailored catalysts in M2X units will increase the value of the as-formed products, reduce process and maintenance requirements, and improve system reliability and uptime, the partners said.

“Building on the momentum of our recent field demonstration, this partnership with SCGC could further intensify M2X’s process, through better catalysts. This work enables refinements to our compact, transportable plants that utilize stranded gas that is often otherwise flared or vented,” said Paul Yelvington, Chief Science Officer at M2X.

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