5. August 2022 Meghan Sapp

Petrobras and Bunge sign deal on 5% HVO supply and blending

In Brazil, Petrobras and Bunge signed a contract to acquisition of refined soybean oil for the production of R5 Diesel at the Getúlio Vargas Refinery (Repar), in Paraná. The raw material began to be supplied at the end of July and production will take place in September 2022. Around 1.5 million liters will be destined for the first commercial tests of the product, which will verify the market’s receptivity to the new fuel.

Diesel R5 is produced from the co-processing of vegetable oils, in this case refined soy oil, with petroleum diesel oil. The fuel leaves the refinery with about 95% mineral diesel (derived from petroleum) and 5% renewable diesel, also called green diesel. Distributors will add the 10% biodiesel ester, as established by current legislation.