We support our clients on their individual path and role within an increasingly demanding, carbon-constrained economy by providing Management Consulting, Transaction, and Project Development services.

Our advisory services range from strategy development to operative implementation. Consulting projects can include the development of internationalization strategies, market and product studies, risk management related to project development and foreign direct investments.

Advisory projects may include the development of internationalisation strategies, identification and establishment of local partners in target markets, market and product studies, sustainability strategies, risk management related to project development and foreign direct investments. Advisory engagements are managed under a rigid cost control and in close co-ordination with the mandatory.

Our transaction services include economic, technological, and ecologic due diligence, financial structuring and modelling, dynamic cash flow projections, sensitivity and scenario analysis for renewable energy investment opportunities.

Special consideration is granted to sustainability and norm-based responsibility indicators, not exclusively, but foremost for investments in emerging economies and markets. Investment scouting in selected markets with on-site pre-selection, renewable energy project placements on the capital market, and direct investments can be offered. Services are delivered under competitive cost conditions and in close co-ordination with all stakeholders.

Our project development services are dedicated to support stakeholders along the project development cycle, starting from early stage strategic, administrative, and financial aspects providing local expertise, resources, or management capabilities to project controlling and co-ordination across shareholders and stakeholders.

Services from the transactions and advisory services can be integrated, so that we are able to provide solutions in key-areas of renewable energy project development.


Thanks to our carefully growing network of representatives in key-emerging markets, ecokontor offers a unique and flexible access to local actors and market insight. Our professionals serve a range of developed and emerging markets with emphasis on Europe and the Americas.