4. August 2022 ecokontor

MeaTech 3D rebrands as Steakholder Foods

In Israel, tech food company MeaTech 3D has rebranded as Steakholder Foods.

Founded in 2019, the firm has been developing technology and scientific processes to produce whole cuts of meat sustainably using animal cell cultivation and 3D bioprinting.

The company said its proprietary 3D bioprinting technology can print whole cuts of meat with pinpoint precision at an industrial scale to create any desirable ratio of muscle tissue and fat marbling and without damaging cell viability.

The company is developing a slaughter-free solution for producing a variety of beef, chicken, pork, and seafood products — both as raw materials and whole cuts — as an alternative to industrialized farming and fishing. Steakholder Foods maintains facilities in Rehovot, Israel and Antwerp, Belgium and is in the process of expanding activities to the US.

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