31. August 2022 Meghan Sapp

Brisil Technologies and Lehmann&Voss&Co to study commercializing biomass-based silica filler in Europe

In Germany, Brisil Technologies and Lehmann&Voss&Co. have signed an agreement to evaluate commercialization prospects of a silica filler derived from biomass. The evaluation relates to elastomer applications and is limited to Europe.

The silica filler is “precipitated silica”, which Brisil extracts from rice husk ash using a residue-optimised chemical process. The process was developed by Brisil and has already been patented.

Rice husk ash is produced during the combustion of rice husks. Brisil obtains this ash in close cooperation with companies that carry out the thermal utilisation of the rice husks. This creates a classic win-win situation, as the companies have a responsibility to dispose of their “biological waste” in an environmentally sound manner due to stricter environmental standards.  

The precipitated “green” silica is used as a filler in tyres, shoe soles, conveyor belts, cables, technical rubber articles, toothpaste, paints, varnishes and plastics, among other things.