6. September 2022 Meghan Sapp

LG Chem begins exporting bio-balanced phenol and acetone

In South Korea, LG Chem began exporting its first bio-balanced phenol and acetone in mid-July. It is a product that has acquired the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification PLUS (ISCC PLUS), a global sustainable eco-friendly material certification, using renewable bio-feedstock such as biomass or waste cooking oil.

LG Chem will export 4,000 tons of phenol and 1,200 tons of acetone, totaling 5,200 tons, and this is the largest volume of ISCC PLUS certified product ever exported from South Korea. Phenol is the raw material for the initial process of polycarbonate, a highly-functional engineering plastic for making vehicle parts, and resins produced from phenols are also partially used as parts of electrical and electronic products and construction materials such as insulators.

Acetone has excellent solubility and is mainly used for solvent production such as cleaning agents, and paint thinner while being widely used across the industry as a raw material for building materials such as artificial marble(MMA). Phenol and acetone from LG Chem Daesan plant will be exported to factories in China and Thailand of Germany’s leading producer of renewable polymers for making polycarbonate, a highly-functional plastics, using bio-balanced chemicals.