29. September 2022 ecokontor

Orcan Energy installs marine waste heat solution on river cruise ship A-ROSA SENA

In Germany, cleantech company Orcan Energy has installed its solution for the use of waste heat for the first time on a river cruise ship.

Currently the largest Rhine cruise ship, A-ROSA SENA, owned by A-ROSA Flussschiff, has installed one of Orcan Energy’s ORC modules, designed specifically for the marine market. The E-Motion ship, with a hybrid propulsion system consisting of a diesel engine and an electric motor, can now convert the waste heat from the ship’s engines into electrical energy, reducing its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. 

The installed Orcan Class M 50.100 module is a solution that can generate electricity from a wide variety of heat sources on board. These include, for example, exhaust gas waste heat, steam or thermal oil, but also liquid sources with lower temperatures, such as engine cooling water.

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