25. September 2023 ecokontor

The Shift: Accelerate Your Fleet Decarbonization Journey

The Shift: Accelerate Your Fleet Decarbonization Journey by GHD. GHD, a global professional services leader, presents “The Shift,” a white paper focused on fleet decarbonization, a crucial step in reducing transportation-related carbon emissions. The transportation sector contributes 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions, and it’s time for Canada and the U.S. to act.  Gain actionable insights on:  Why sustainable transportation is non-negotiable  Health benefits of sustainable choices Profitability meets sustainability goals Closing the technology gap GHD’s experience caters to a wide range of public and private sectors, offering a tangible roadmap to drive change.  Our four-phase roadmap includes:  Planning Real-world Testing Implementation Planning Optimization and Sustainment  Download now and fast-track your decarbonization journey with GHD!