9. October 2023 ecokontor

The Landscape of Corporate Climate Claims

Companies are taking action on climate, but how do they make credible claims that showcase their action and add value to the business?  There's a range of guidance and regulation on what makes a credible climate action claim. This white paper from Climate Impact Partners lays out the landscape and some common guiding principles that can help companies navigate the options and follow best practice. This paper helps companies:  Review the 12 key initiatives setting guidance and regulation on climate action claims by business and compare the varying approaches. Understand the definitions of varying claims companies can make. Learn about the six no-regret principles companies should follow to make credible claims of ambitious climate action. Government commitments alone are not going to get us to our global climate goals: companies have a critical role to play in combatting climate change — supporting proven solutions that deliver action now, reduce and remove emissions, and go beyond internal reductions to make a positive impact.  Download The Landscape of Corporate Climate Claims paper today and embark on a journey of climate action with confidence.