30. October 2023 ecokontor

State of the Circular Workplace 2023: A Green Standards Report

The State of the Circular Workplace in 2023 is promising.  Major corporations, innovative startups, ambitious non-profits, and industry associations are making progress toward the idea of the zero-waste office, and they share their best practices in this new report by Green Standards. Turning our linear “take-make-waste” economy into a regenerative loop that designs out waste and keeps resources in use is a huge undertaking. This report is a snapshot of where we are now, a summary of what we need to do, and a call to action for workplaces around the world. This report features insights from Steelcase, Starbucks, General Motors, Haworth, CBRE, Teknion, Davies Office, Rheaply, M Moser, Cuningham, BIFMA, the USGBC, and many more organizations. Together, they show how building owners and occupiers, manufacturers and re-manufacturers, service providers, and the architecture and design community can work together to put circular ideas into practice. The result engages employees, saves money, cuts emissions, and turns the engines of the economy into workshops for the circular economy. Green Standards, the global sustainable decommissioning company, is building a circular coalition to close the loop on workplace waste. Join us!