11. May 2024 ecokontor

Paprec Energies Binn starts works to construct energy from waste facility in Scotland

In the UK, Binn Group said it partnered with French firm Paprec to begin work on a new Energy from Waste (EfW) facility, which will provide low carbon energy to local industries. The construction of the plant will create 200 jobs.

The new facility at the Binn Eco Park in Tayside, Scotland will be funded by Paprec, and will be built, owned and operated by Paprec Energies Binn, a joint venture between the French firm and Binn Group.

The facility is designed to reduce carbon emissions from the management of residual waste and to provide low carbon energy for the local community. It will process up to 85,000 tons of residual waste each year and generate up to 8 MW of electricity. The plant also has capacity to generate up to 17MW of heat annually.

The new plant will enable Paprec Energies Binn to provide a renewable and stable electricity or heat source to businesses and other energy users. Half of the feedstock will come from residual waste produced within surrounding local authority area as part of a 15-year contract awarded to Paprec by Perth and Kinross Council last year.

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